Linda Gutzkow

Who is Linda Gutzkow?

Linda Gutzkow is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and a Certified Permanent Make Up Artist. She received training from AnVanti Clinic and International Training Institute in Delafield Wisconsin. Additional education includes a Bachelor of Science Degree where she graduated cum laude from an accredited university.

Linda worked in the healthcare industry for many years and therefore knows how to keep a clean and sterile environment. Client safety, comfort and satisfaction are her highest priorities. To ensure that her clients are safe and comfortable Linda does her procedures by hand or using a digital machine and uses several topical anesthetics. The Softap equipment she uses comes pre-packaged and sterilized and is100% disposable. Therefore, there is no cleaning of equipment involved or chance for cross contamination. The hand method allows for a very precise application of the pigment and the ability to customize the procedure to fit the client.   Using hair stroke technique to create the appearance of actual hair is just one of the custom methods available.

Perfection is Linda’s standard and therefore she includes two applications. The second application is done 4-6 weeks after the first.

Linda offers FREE consultations so that you can meet her and see her work. Because every client has a different schedule, Linda does not have set hours instead she works into her client’s availability. All procedures are by appointment only and arranged directly with Linda.