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Wake up to makeup with tattoos

Toledo Blade
November 5, 2012 - 9:16 AM

Makeup trends come and go.

Over the years, we have seen everything from cat eyes to turquoise eye shadow and animal-print lip covers. These trends may be fun to indulge in once in a while, but most women know that when you find a classic look that works for you, you stick with it.

And some women are so stuck on their made-up look that they're sticking with it permanently.

Cosmetic tattooing -- inked-on brows, eye and lip liner -- is one of the latest beauty trends. They call it effortless beauty -- the ability to wake up pretty with little effort and in a short time.

"You get up, you shower and you go," said Joani Donovan of Toledo, Ohio, who recently had permanent eyeliner applied. "I'm not spending extra time in the morning putting on makeup. I'm beating my husband getting dressed."

In Minnesota, where the state began regulating the industry in 2011, permanent makeup artists said their businesses continue to grow. The boost in professionalism makes clients more comfortable in researching procedures and finding reputable artists, said Brenda Wise, owner of Bella Faccia, a boutique medispa in Edina.

"The more good work there is out there, the more people are going to say, 'Oh, permanent makeup does look really nice,'" said Wise, who urges anyone interested to carefully research different providers. "In past years some of the work has not been optimal."

There's much debate among technicians on whether the procedure is a tattoo or not. Some call it "permanent cosmetics" or"micro-pigmentation." But clients say that if going under the needle means not having to fiddle with makeup every day, several times a day, they'd prefer to call it "worth it."

" 'We're tired of putting on makeup every day.' That's what my clients tell me," said Angie Mougey, a licensed cosmetologist and owner of Transitionz Salon & Spa in Bellevue, Ohio.

Susan Prince, owner of the Center for Permanent Cosmetics in Shakopee, said aging also leads people to consider the procedures.

"As we get older, our vision isn't so good," she said. "You need readers to apply your makeup and sometimes it's hard to put the makeup on with your readers on, or get your brows even."

Achieving the long-lasting look sounds more painful than it actually is, clients say, even though it involves taking a needle to the face. As in traditional tattooing, permanent cosmetic technicians, who are usually trained cosmetologists or aestheticians, use an electric needle and colored pigments or inks to apply the makeup. The use of topical numbing cream reduces the pain and constricts blood vessels, so there is little or no bleeding and less trauma to the skin compared with a traditional tattoo.

To create brows, technicians trace the desired shape and fill in the space with hair-like strokes, creating a natural look. Eyeliner application involves using the needle to place color pigments along the base of the eyelashes, creating a fuller and darker look. Depending on the desired look, lips can be made to appear thicker and fuller or more colorful.

"You don't have to be gaudy, but have a little eyelash enhancement," said Denise Onstad, a permanent makeup artist and owner of Wake Up Made Up in St. Louis Park. "You can put back what Mother Nature has slowly taken away."

Most looks take just over an hour and last for several years. Colors will fade or soften over time, so touch-ups are recommended as needed..

Permanent makeup application is believed to have started in ancient Egypt. While the trend isn't necessarily new, it has re-emerged

At some centers, the cost of permanent eyebrows ranges from $450 to $650. Full lips can cost more than $750, and eyeliner, the most popular permanent makeup procedure, can cost $475 and up.

For many, the "wake up to makeup" trend is solely for convenience. But some clients resort to having micro pigmentation after enduring trauma.

"You give me a lady that's lost her brows, as far as she's concerned, that is trauma," said Gary Rochte, a licensed derma technologist who started doing permanent makeup in 1988. Lochte has worked with patients who have lost their brows during cancer treatment or alopecia. He's also worked with burn and accident victims, to hide scars or skin damage. The procedure is not only beautifying, it's also a confidence booster, he said.

"A lot of times they're healed physically, but because of the [scars or disfigurement] they're not healed mentally," Lochte said."This helps with their self-esteem."

Staff writer Katie Humphrey contributed to this report.

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Many people subscribe to Groupon, an electronic daily coupon services.  They provide coupons for all types of products and services.  Groupon contacted us several times over the last few months to see if we would participate in their program as they wanted to feature permanent makeup.  There are many reasons that we have chosen not to participate.

It is not a good idea to chose your permanent makeup artist based on price.  It is very important that you meet and trust your artist.  Also, you want to know the quality  of the products (pigment and needles) they use and how many treatments are included.  As import as products is the artists experience.  Find out if the artist is licensed,  has been inspected by the health department, and how many procedures they have performed. Groupon's proposal was that our company would receive $70 per permanent makeup treatment.  The set-up cost for supplies that we use per client is over $70.  We use good quality pigments and needles and offer two treatments.  Therefore, from a business perspective participating in Groupon is not a wise decision for our company.

A friend of ours who resides in Florida saw the Groupon Deal for permanent makeup and bought it.  She chose to have eyeliner done.  The inexperienced technician put a drop in her eye to numb the eyeball.  This should never be done!  It is important that the client can feel their eyeball and know if they get anything in their eye.  Upon completion of our friends eyeliner, the feeling came back in her eyeball.  The technician sent her out of the office without even applying ice to the procedure area.  Our friends eye was burning, blurry, extremely painful, and light sensitive.  She sat in her car for awhile hoping that the pain would subside so she could drive home.  Unfortunately, the pain got worse and her husband had to come and get her.  She contacted the technician several times and was told that this was a normal reaction.  Over the next several hours her pain was worse to the point that she couldn't open her eye at all.  Our friend ended up in the emergency room that night and when the Dr. looked in her eye, he found that she had many corneal abrasions on her eyeball.   Corneal abrasions are scratches on the cornea.  She was given an antibiotic drop that she applied several times a day.  It took five days of being in a dark room before her eye felt better and she could resume to normal activity.

The above story is extremely concerning to us.  It is not a normal to have pain on the eyeball, or to not be able to see or drive after a procedure.  Our fear is that this is happening all over when people are buying a Groupon offer for this service.  Artists participating in Groupon are working for free so they are  inexperienced and doing this to build a clientele.  This is not the type of service that should be purchased through a coupon service.   We have explained our position that this is not safe to Groupon each time they have contacted us but it appears they are still featuring permanent makeup.

Minnesota government is taking a stand on the previously unregulated tattoo industry. Permanent makeup, although slightly different than a standard tattoo, falls under the tattoo category. Prior to 2010 each county and city had their own regulations or may not have had any regulations at all. Therefore, depending on where a tattoo artist worked determined whether they had safety training, fees, and inspections. In many locations of Minnesota there were no requirements that a tattoo artist had to conform to. Many good results will come from being a regulated state. Ensuring client safety seems to be the purpose behind the new legislation. The Senate bill that passed does not allow anyone under age 18 to receive a tattoo regardless of parental consent.

This bill will also standardize the training tattoo and permanent makeup artists participate in. Annually artists will be required to do blood borne pathogen training. Because this training will be required, clients receiving tattoos will no longer have to wait a year to donate blood. Therefore, having the state regulate tattooing will increase the available blood supply.