Every morning when I do my make-up I think about you and how grateful I am for my beautiful eyebrows. I just love them and just wish I had done it a long time ago. Thank you so much.


Hi Linda! I just got my sweet Thank you card in the mail. That was so nice of you. I have to tell you that everything is perfect. My healing is complete and I love my eyeliner! It is so natural.

I feel like I was honored to meet you. There are very few women I have met in my life that I consider in the classy category and you are one of them. You do a great job and you are so professional. Thank you. I really appreciate what you did. I am loving it. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job and being the kind of person you are. It was great meeting you Linda.


I have been extremely pleased with the services I have received from Linda Gutzkow. I had permanent eyeliner applied by Linda a year ago. Linda is truly an artist. My eyeliner looks perfect and I get many compliments on it.
I also have been going to Linda on a regular basis for electrolysis on my chin and upper lip, and have been very happy with the results. Linda is professional and keeps all of her equipment clean and sanitized.
I have been so happy with the services I have received from Linda that I have referred a co-worker to Linda for eyeliner and my niece for electrolysis.

Cheryl Ross

I highly recommend Linda's permanent make-up. After going many years with no eyebrows, I can get up & go! I LOVE it!


I love my new look from Linda at getupwithmakeup. With her skillful hands and an exceptional eye for detail, we were able to acquire the eyebrows that I tried to draw in every morning. Now all I do is get up and go. And being someone who trains for triathlons , my new eyebrows frame my face so that I always look my best-even when I'm swimming or biking or sweating out on a run. What a joy it is and a confidence booster. It sounds silly that a pair of good-looking eyebrows would boost my self-confidence that much, but they have. I have been telling all my friends about Linda's talents and highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for that little "extra". Linda's talents as a makeup artist are superb.

I love my permanent make up.  It’s perfect.  You are quite a perfectionist.  At my age, 71, it is hard to see to get my eyeliner on, also it is nice to wake up and look good in the morning.  No more having to put on lipstick then chew it off.  I have no more chapped lips.

Thank you so much,

I want to thank you.  I had the full treatment done, eyeliner, eyebrows, lip liner and fill.  This is by far the BEST MONEY I have ever spent.  You have no idea how thrilling it is to get up in the morning, step out of the shower and have “eyes” and “lips”.  Before I would never leave the house without makeup.  Now I can go out and look as if I have spent time in front of the make up mirror.  To go out in the evening I need only add a little blush, finishing powder and mascara.

You took great care to make sure I was comfortable during the process and followed up with a phone call the next day.  The healing process is very quick and WELL WORTH it.

My only regret – is that I did not do this sooner.

Thank you,

I love my permanent makeup.  It seems as I get older my face is all one color.  The permanent eyeliner and lips have given my face the color and definition back.  I gave eyebrows to my mom for Christmas and she loves it also.  She had a difficult time seeing to draw them on everyday and loves not having to anymore. You did a great job.  Permanent make up is a great gift for the person that has everything.


I absolutely love my eyebrows.  They are perfect!  I can enjoy swimming again without worrying about my eyebrows disappearing.